Donnerstag, 28. November 2013

Look #1 - Escape

This is the first blog post on my new blog MadPlayz :). I created this blog especially for role play outfits. I will present you outfits here that you can use for different types of roleplay sims in secondlife and look great while you do some RP. I hope you like it :).

In the first post I am showing you the nice and very detailed Shinobi/Ninja outfit from Pixel Puss. It comes in different colors (You can either make it completely red or black.. or just combine.) and the outfit has many parts so you can make nice combinations. Also I had the honor to blog the 'Katana' of TCR which also looks very realistic and is compatible with many combat systems such as CCS enhances, SCRS, DCS and also with other systems. So don't forget to check out both stores they have a lot of great stuff !


Katana(s): [:TCR:] - Blades of the Animus
Ninja Outfit: Pixel Puss - Shinobi Complete Costume (Blood&Black)

Pose: eXpression Poses - Assassin

Here are some more details: 

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