Sonntag, 23. Februar 2014

Look #3 - Survival

Today I gonna show you a lot of nice stuff from EPIA. EPIA makes very realistic mesh clothes/accessouires etc. Thank you so much for giving me the possibility to blog your nice stuff ! The Shirt, Pants and Boots are one outfit and don't come seperated! You have many different options on the vest, hat and cap for example you can change flag, textures etc. and resize it perfectly. The uniform has many options.. you can wear it long sleeve or short sleeve.. wear a hoodie or not.. or have your pants tucked in the shoes.


Cap (Picture 1 & 3): (epia) - Military Cap
Hat (Picture 2): (epia) - Military Boonie Hat
Headset (Picture 1 & 3): (epia) - Tactical Military Headset
Scarf: Cobrahive - Bandit Scarfmask
Tattoo: Ner.Ink - Hard to Kill
Vest: (epia) - Plate Carrier
Gloves: Razor - Dealer Gloves
Uniform: (epia) - Versatile Combat Uniform (Woodland)
Weapon: [SAC] - M4A1 921 HB (Scripted)

Pose 1 (Picture 1 & 3): Focus Poses - Male Set 13
Pose 2 (Picture 2): Vetrovian Sin Poses - 24
Props: click ->here<- to see credits for the tank etc.
Here are some more details:

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