Freitag, 18. April 2014

Look #4 - Sadness and Sorrow

Hello, finally a new post on my RolePlay blog YAY. Today I want to present you the outfit from Unsung (Thank you so much for your cooperation at this place). It's a outfit you can use to create outfits related to themes as Sci-Fi... or even such as Naruto are. I love the detail and the work that is put into this outfit and its available in many many colors. It's even for sale now which means you get it cheaper than normally so don't hesitate to grab your outfit today. Also to mention at this place.. its not a complete outfit.. you can purchase it as single parts which makes different combinations possible and leaves space for your own creativity !


Skin: WoW-Skins - Jason (Milk)
Hairs: Drot - Vincent (Snowflake)
Eyes: Kawaii Anime - The Illusive Man
Mask: Cobrahive - Bandit Scarfmask
Top: Unsung - Angelus Harness
Vest: Unsung - Angelus Vest
Jacket: Unsung - Angelus Jacket
Sleeves: Unsung - Angelus Sleeves
Gloves: Unsung - Angelus Gauntlet
Pants: Unsung - Angelus Chaps
Boots: Unsung - Angelus Boots

Poses: Expressive Poses - Simon

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